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Break The Wheel.

Make you and your family the priority. Not someone else. Stopping the wheel insinuates we’re going to eventually start it up again. I have news for you, we’re breaking it.

What you thought was a way to work is no longer. It’s time to #StopHustling.

New On The Blog

Even those who are sure of their brand might need some strategy advice and help. On our blog, you’ll find weekly advice on where to formulate the right strategy, grow your brand, and understand the importance of messaging.

In addition to this, Mother of Marketing is all about helping you navigate the ropes as a parent. Sarah discusses parenting advice and how to be a great parent while running a business.

My Five Favorite Tips For Managing Time

My 5 Favorite Tips For Managing time Managing our time as parents can be frustrating. We have playdates, lunch dates, one on one playtime, and daily educational activities we must adhere to. Keeping a schedule is one way to keep things organized, but when your plate...

7 Ways To Entertain Your Kids This Summer

    7 Ways To Entertain Your Kids While You Work This Summer Entertain your kids while you work may seem like a difficult task, but we have a few ideas up our sleeves. As parents working from home, we tend to feel guilty about not being able to dedicate all of our...

Meet  Sarah,
Mother of Marketing

Sarah, is the Breaker of Desk Job Chains, the Khaleesi of the great digital sea, Mother of Marketing, First of Her Name. As a hardcore nerd, mother, and marketer, Sarah has come to know and understand the difficulties of being a working parent. It is her sole mission to help parents understand their worth, their passion, and their dreams so they can leave the world better than they found it for their children.

Take what is yours, with fire and blood.

Working with Sarah has been such an incredible learning experience. It’s provided me the tools and support I’ve always needed to get next level with my business.

– Teresa Brenneman

Sarah helped me lay the groundwork for my website and in essence, helped bridge the gap between my lack of knowledge regarding websites and what I was good at.

– Brandon Erickson

Sarah brought a level of energy, knowledge, and creativity to the table which allowed my business dream to become reality in a few short weeks.

– Julie Meyers-Miller,

She is not only cheery with a great sense of humor, but she is also determined, strong willed and has a unique creative marketing skill set.

– Stephen McMurray, Crazy Clever LLC

Sarah is a smart, creative, driven, social media marketer. She understands strategy, community and how to engage an audience.

– Kate Nelson, Rainmaker Institute

I’ve only been working with Sarah for just over a week and she’s already increased my following on Instagram by almost 100 followers. When I was managing my own account, it was stagnant with ZERO new followers for months despite regular posting. I can’t wait to see what else she can do to help me grow my business! – Kayla Sloan,

What does the pursuit look like?

It’s all in how you build and strategize it’s growth. When we begin working together we open your mind and analyze the most fruitful passions you have and how to turn it (or them) into revenue generating projects. Together we’ll take your idea and turn it into a full fledge brand.

Creating Your Brand

In order to fully create a successful brand, you not only need the technical, emotional, marketing tools to make it happen, you need the gumption to back up the brand too. Commanding the room is a difficult task for the average person. But you’re not average, are you? Taking the journey through discovering your brand will help you identify the unique parts of your personality that will aid you in commanding the room and declaring for the world exactly what is in your heart and mind.

Define Who You Are.

You are not here to keep spinning around in the same wheel as everyone else. Like me, you are here to break the wheel, the wheel that has rolled over individuals and families just like us for years. Let’s break the wheel together.

Join me. Together, we will make the world a better place.

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2018 Speaking Engagements

June 21 – 23, 2018

The Teenpreneur

This conference helps teens and youth start their own business and become the boss of their own world. Here, Sarah will be speaking on social media marketing, strategy, and branding in addition to hosting panels for youth.
April 24, 2018

Jobs For Arizona Graduates

This event focused on providing panels and speaking engagements with teens from Arizona schools. Employers and entrepreneurs gathered to provide insight on the market.