Instagram Masterclass

A 9 part masterclass covering
Instagram to help you navigate the platform and learn
the secrets of the trade - no BS here.

Meet Sarah,

Mother of Marketing

Sarah, is the Breaker of Desk Job Chains, the Khaleesi of the great digital sea, Mother of Marketing, First of Her Name.

As a hardcore nerd, mother, and marketer, Sarah has come to know and understand the difficulties of being a working parent trying to master Facebook and Instagram.

It is her sole mission to help parents understand their worth, their passion, and their dreams so they can leave the world better than they found it for their children.

Take what is yours, with fire and blood. Become a Facebook and Instagram expert.

Master Facebook & Instagram

Whether you’re running a blog, a small business, or an influencer group you have the power to make your own choices when it comes to how you market yourself on social media.

Stop giving power to those who seek to wrap you in chains. Break free and learn from me.

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Social media marketing is about telling a story,

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