Crafting The Perfect Facebook Post

Creating the perfectly engaging post on Facebook becomes ever more challenging. Many of my clients, students, and colleagues have experienced the challenge of driving engagement to their posts and back to their websites.

However, something that these people are missing is creating a variety of posts throughout the week. It is not enough to continuously create posts that all look the same. Nor is it enough to always be asking something of your followers to attempt to engage them.

Through some trial and error and data evaluation, I’ve been able to come up with a short list of ideas that will help you drive engagement with your posts, and eventually your business. Check out my thoughts below.


Pose A Question.


When we say “ask your followers a question” we don’t always mean just straight up post a text version question or jump in and do a Facebook Live at the drop of a hat. What we’re saying is take time to “read the room,” understand what questions your followers and users may be asking.

To discover this, you can look through past posts’ comments to determine what people have been discussing and revisit some of those ideas and most popular posts.

Looking at your previous data is an excellent way of looking into what sort of questions you could post on your Facebook page or even within your Facebook group.


Test Out Post Length.


Did you know that Facebook allows for nearly 63,000 characters? That’s a lot of text. That is essentially publishing an article on your Facebook page. If you can’t even get someone to go to your website and read your post now, should you be posting something that long? Hell no.

On the flip side though, you could still post something a little on the long side. All you’d need to do is run a few tests here and there.

My suggestion is to run a two-week trial with a handful of posts all varying in length. Determine the two winners, then run an A/B test to determine the reigning length champion further.

Once you’ve been able to decide on which post length works best, move forward with it and utilize it’s formula sparingly. No need pushing our a post like that every single day. People want variety.  


Share A Video.


Video content is still on the rise. You may have thought it hit it was peak last year, but there are new technologies out there helping people produce more video than ever before.

You can get in on this action too! Whether you’re sharing a slideshow style video, vlog, or creating a highly stylized video you have the power within you to create something beautiful. For a time, everyone was using to create videos.

This made everything online have a sameness about it. However, you don’t have to avoid using this software just because everyone else has. You need to get more creative about how you use the tool and what you produce. 


Post Images.


Images and video receive at least 50% more engagement than a link post, text post, or poll post. Why? We are visual creatures. Why else would Instagram be a raging success?

When you post your image on Facebook make sure that you do so in a format where it’s going to take up the most room on the feed. A landscape image might not ever be best on social media.

Vertical and square photos tend to dominate the newsfeed, and it would be in your best interest to take advantage of this.

When you post your image to Facebook, another thing you want to ensure is you attach some copy to it, and include a link. I know, I know. I just told you images work better than links. Just because your image has a link in the copy doesn’t mean you’re going to see that link over the photo.

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Create A Poll.


Polls are a great way to gauge what your audience is thinking, feeling, experiencing, and understands. With many of my personal finance based clients, we typically use polls to assess where our users are at in their financial journey or what they know about a more complex finance topic such as investing.

Polls like this are great because we’re able to inform our content strategy based on the feedback our followers have given us. An even more significant benefit to utilizing polls is how valuable you’ll make your followers feel.

Asking their opinion about something you may be creating and imparting on their behalf because of the information they gave you makes them apart of your brand. We’re all craving to be a part of something. Give your followers that experience.

Post A Carousel Link.

This is a post suggesting that is really for product-based businesses that can offer a variety of products based on a niche theme. For example, I work with a local toy store here in Phoenix that sells TONS of amazing Harry Potter toys.

I seriously love being able to pull all the most cooling HP products from their online store and share them in one single post as opposed to multiple posts, cluttering my client’s timeline and that of our shoppers.

People don’t want to be spammed. They want to know what’s valuable and useful to them in the shortest amount of time possible – and they want control over how they consume that content. With a carousel post, followers can scroll through the content at their leisure.


We live in a society that’s focused on providing everyone with as many choices as possible. This creates a stigma surrounding how much content a business page should be posting on a daily basis.

There’s no reason you should be posting any more than two or three times a day unless you have several million followers.

Using these post suggestions will give your followers more variety without punishingly shoving five different pieces of social media content in their face five times a day. There are exceptions to the rules I lay down for clients, but this usually is for bloggers only.

To sum it up, try out the six different post types above, involve users in your brand more, give them value, and make them feel valued!


About Sarah

With nearly 8 years of social media marketing expertise, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge, new and interesting strategies, and a whole new way to live your life as a working parent.

Working with Sarah has been such an incredible learning experience. It’s provided me the tools and support I’ve always needed to get next level with my business.

Terese Brenneman

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