How To Manage Life When You’re A Social Media Marketer

During the Twitter chat a while ago, someone said something interesting to me. “How do you take a break from social media when it’s your job?” The answer is honestly not simple. It can be tough to take a break from the ever continuous duties of being a social media manager for my clients. The most natural ways that I have found to be able to take breaks from working on social media are to have two things: the first being clients that are understanding. The second being software that allows you to continue posting throughout the weekend.

How do you take a break from social media when it’s your job?”

I try to keep my hours for working between Monday and Friday with a little bit of work going on Sunday and Saturday. The reality is that social media never sleeps and for a lot of people they think they need to be working 24 hours a day. That’s just not true. With tools like Buffer and Sprout Social, social media managers are capable of scheduling out posts tweets and Instagram post at any time of the day or if you’re lucky and have sprout social like me you can set your cue to viral, and it will send out the most optimal time.

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In addition to that, you’re probably thinking “Well, posting is one thing, but you have to engage with social media, right constantly?” And you were right which is why I do a little bit of work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Monday through Friday I work very hard and spend hours each day with each of my clients engaging re-posting and commenting on as many posts as humanly possible. On Saturday and Sunday, I have an understanding with my clients that Saturdays and Sundays are for rest. I cannot, and no one cannot be effective as a worker if they’re always working.

24-hour social media managers should not exist, sadly they do. Social media managers are among the most overworked people in the job industry that I have ever heard of or seen. Many of the friends that I have to do a great job of managing their client’s social platforms however they are exhausted, and they do not give themselves the relaxation that they so desperately need to continue. Even more, so many of these people are moms working from home who have kids they need to race.

We’re already tired from raising her kids so adding on the extra exhaustion that is induced by the social media manager lifestyle is just not palpable to me. I think that it’s perfectly OK to set boundaries with your clients and let them know that you have a life and that you need to be able to enjoy that life.

There’s also ask another interesting question during this Twitter chat, “how do you enjoy social media if it’s your job?” The answer to that is complicated. I love social media as a job it’s enjoyable it’s exciting, and I get to have conversations on my terms for my clients, and I also get to incorporate their beliefs and their missions into these conversations which are amazing things to do. So when it comes to my social media, I don’t get personal or in love with what I’m doing on my own Oh files.

Much of my social media presence is centered around talking about motherhood and being an entrepreneur. I don’t have parts of it that I post to in a super personal emotional way because I’ve created a brand that is both me as a person and me as a business owner. So no matter what I do or say everything comes back to who I am as a person who is fantastic.

I think the one thing that I do as an individual set aside for clients and business it is that I’m a giant nerd and I go and do cosplay at Comicon conferences. But I do still post about that too because it is a part of who I am. I can enjoy social media on a personal level aside from all the client work I do because I have created a brand that melts together everything in my life.

I talk about work-life balance and how I don’t think that there is a specific kind of dance or song that you need to be moving to make life work for you. As moms and moms are business owners, we have to embrace the chaos of our lives around us to be successful and to keep our sanity. There’s nothing wrong with creating a brand that involves you and your family.

So, to wrap things up here’s how I enjoy social media on a personal level and how I’m able to manage my life while being a social media manager and running a business centered around social media:

  • Set boundaries with clients.
  • Incorporate small social free breaks throughout the day.
  • Minimize work on weekends.
  • Embrace business and personal life as one.
  • Be okay with the chaos of running a business (or three) and being a mom.
  • Incorporate activities in the week that do not involve the internet.

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