Five Ways You Can Conquer Westeros Facebook

Facebook wants you to pay for ads. And they’ve change it to where every single business page needs to be verified within a certain amount of time. I believe that timeframe right now is May the end of May so make sure that you have your business page verified. Getting your page verified isn’t necessarily going to make a difference for the strategy that I’m going to go over today, but it is an important thing and do you do you need to make sure you get it done.

All right, so here are a couple of strategies.

1. Get comfortable with sharing the occasional article on your personal Facebook profile.

This is where a lot of people tend to get frustrated. People want to make sure that they’re continuing to separate their own life from their business. I highly recommend a don’t do that. People want to know how you’re able to connect with them how you’re ready to get more personal with them and have an actual conversation with them. Draw off of your personal experiences and share that with people we can do that whenever we talked about money when we talked about traveling or tips and ideas that we have families and parents or what that we have four people in general.

You don’t have to have kids to make a deep personal connection. And I know that this is an uncomfortable spot for a lot of people and that’s OK creating in improving on things isn’t supposed to be comfortable it’s supposed to break you out of your shell.

2. Begin marketing yourself within the appropriate Facebook groups.

I know what you’re thinking. There are too many groups out there that have too many rules of what you can say, what you can’t say when you can post when you can’t post, and that’s just the reality of the situation.

But when you find the right community where you can share your article on a daily basis, or you can share your excitement over your brand are your excitement over a new project that’s the group you want to be a part of. And if you can’t find that group, then you need to create that group and invite people to come and do it too. It’s essential that we build a community where all of us feel supported not it’s Wednesday, and you could post kind of crap like I’m not OK with that I want people to be able to share their tips share their information on a constant and daily basis. World of social media marketing is continually changing for all of us as business is to continue to be successful it is vital that we share information and that we support each other every single day. When it comes to mother marketing stuff, I want you guys to be sharing your articles in here. I want Lance to share an article on how to save $5000 on a cruise because you know what we all take a vacation and we all want to say $5000 on a cruise right?

3. OK, so my third tip is yes start investing in advertising. 

And the best way to do it is to take a course through Monica Louie. I’m happy to teach you a lot of what she’s taught me and what I knew beforehand, but just for some reason don’t like teaching people how to do ads. I can’t communicate it well because the strategy behind improving someone’s add visibility is so in my head. It’s like one of the things I struggle with, but Monica does it in a way that is the digestible and so basic level that anyone can understand it. So when it comes to advertising yes you want to make sure that you’re promoting articles on a daily basis but you don’t have to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars every single month to do that.

Right now I’m able to away with spending maybe 150 or $200 a month. When you can get your views or your engagement prices below $.15 or even below $.11, which I do on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to utilize it to the fullest.

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4. Tell Your Fans to Follow Your Page – Liking it is not enough.

Facebook told us that if we have great content, it will appear in someone’s newsfeed. But oh shocker – our content still isn’t popping up. So how do we overcome this issue?

There are two ways to do this. The first is to make sure that you have people following your page and that they select to see it first in the newsfeed.

My suggestion with this is to send out an email and say, “Hey I’m getting better at showing my content with you and sharing my Tips and News. I want to make sure that you see this information when you’re on Facebook.” Then you send them the email with the magical new way of being able to follow you.

The second way you can do this is to post an article on your Facebook business page wait about 30 to 45 minutes and then casually share it on your personal Facebook page.

This is not going to work if you’re a major blog company and you’re posting five or six times a week because people are going to get sick of it. But it will work if you’re the casual blogger who posts 2 to 3 times a week.

Here is the next part of it – you have to engage with the people you are friends with on your Facebook page. If you are not actively commenting and liking any of their post they are not going to see your stuff they are not going to engage with you. That’s why a lot of us feel like there’s no support for us as a business owner a nurse at no help for us as a friend on Facebook because we’re not read engaging with the people were friends with right now.

So, the best way to go about making sure people see your stuff is to become more engaged with the people speak with and see. This isn’t me saying that you need to be spending 10 hours every single day on Facebook, this is me telling you to need to manage your time better so you can interact with friends – not videos. Yeah, if you see someone posting about the Avengers and you want to talk about it, then you can go to that page and be like oh man I saw this movie it was great what did you think about it what are your thoughts what you think about this theory. Those are great ways for you to be able to engage with content that you also like but still talk with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

5. Share Your Articles In An Email And Link Facebook

My last and final to pass nothing to do with Facebook but it has everything to do with email. Just kidding, I lied, it has a little bit to do with Facebook. When it comes to sending out an email, my suggestion is to send in one email out every single week to give an update on your life to share some relevant articles that you found across the Internet and to also share critical articles on your website. Do this based off of trends.

Take a weekly trend and use that as motivation for writing that email shares essential articles and tips that aren’t necessarily your articles and then highlight your item as well that discusses and touches on all the points you try to make. Then at the bottom of each article you share, you can insert share buttons for the social platform you want them to go to. This is where you can put a Facebook share button or a Twitter button. With this, you can quickly expand your reach too. #BONUS.

This point is a given but, you should have all your social media platforms listed in your footer.


People want to see that you were the dock connector for their life if they don’t know how you’re helping them connect the dots in their adult life they are not going to be interested. You have to be calm this influencer type of person when it comes to speaking to people need to talk to more people you have to speak to people purposefully and make it right and honest to yourself.

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