7 Ways To Entertain Your Kids While You Work This Summer

Entertain your kids while you work may seem like a difficult task, but we have a few ideas up our sleeves.

As parents working from home, we tend to feel guilty about not being able to dedicate all of our time to our kids. This is especially true during the summer. Kids are home all day, all night, and all week. So how do we entertain kids in summer, but we still have calls with clients?

Earlier this week, one of my clients with The Blonde Spot went live in a video to talk about how to keep your kids busy while you work. The greatest thing about this post she made? She’s a mom who has been through all the same things that we have too. It’s amazing honestly, the number of ways you can keep a kid busy. Does it require an investment? Most definitely. BUT is it worth it? Yes.

I’m going to list out a few ideas for you that I think is perfect for the digital business owner parent. Each of these items is educational, can be done in groups, and will keep your kids busy for hours!


Here are seven products your kids will love doing while you work this summer.

1. Summer Bridge Books

School stops for Summer– Learning never Should. Summer Bridge books are an easy & proven way to help children retain their classroom skills in reading, writing, language arts, & math while preparing them for the grade ahead. I use this workbook with Fox at the Pre-K level and feel this workbook is a great way to keep your child busy, active & learning during summer vacation. When you purchase the book from Kidstop kids get 50% off a toy of their choice so long as they’ve completed the workbook cover to cover.

Of course, you have to come to Kidstop to redeem your book, so this is great for Phoenix Valley residents on the offer side, but for parents located anywhere, this is perfect.



2. Kudo Banz

This Award-winning Kit motivates kids to do their chores and be on their best behavior. There’s also a potty training kit version! Based on doctors’ findings, rather than giving kids a piece of candy or toy for doing something good, children instead receive a charm or token to add to their gender-neutral bracelet.

There are tons of charms to choose from too and each set comes with two magical charms. The magical charms come to life with the Kudo Banz app. Kudo Banz is made by parents that understand the needs of today’s busy families. I love using this with Fox at all times. It has helped his behavior and attention span improve as he has his mind set on earning something that he wears and is constantly reminded of.


3. Magformers

Magformers are addicting and Fox and my niece LOVE them. Kids can explore & experiment with geometric shapes and turn them into complex 3-D models. Feel the magnetic force and have hours and hours of fun exploring all the possible connections one can make with a handful of Magformers. This activity is recommended for kids 6+, but Fox has been using them for a while now and is only four.


4. Tabletop Easel

Artfully designed, with tons of picture-perfect features makes this Magnetic Tabletop Easel from Melissa & Doug one of our favorites this year. One side is a chalkboard, the other is a dry erase board. There’s a paper holder on top (paper included) and a supply tray on bottom, plus magnets, marker, eraser and chalk sticks. This item is perfect for setting kids down beside you while you’re working on the computer.


5. Ice Cream Emporium

Invite a few friends over before lunchtime and teach the kids to be little entrepreneurs! All around the world, the streets of our most popular cities are bustling with the joy and creativity of food carts and trucks. Every little one would love to have their Ice Cream Food set to play with their little friends. Hape hits the mark with their Ice Cream Emporium Cart. A leader in the world of design and sustainability, their quality materials and special attention for design make this cart one of a kind.


6. Jumbo Pad of Things to Imagine, Doodle and Draw by Highlights

Your little ones are in for hours of fun and coloring starting when they open this jumbo book to the first page! Each page will challenge the brain and inspire them to be creative, colorful and have fun exploring. Every page is full of start ideas and things to color in. The Jumbo Pad is another great way for your kids to sit next to you while you work.


7. Slackers NinjaLine Intro Kit

Hang the 30′ NinjaLine between 2 trees for a challenging, flexible training obstacle course. Train like a Ninja with this set that was designed with input from professional Ninjas, and develops core, grip, and upper body strength! The Slackers NinjaLine omes with bars, fists, and rings, adjustable for difficulty. Add the 8′ ladder or rope along with the new 6′ X 6′ net for two more challenging dimensions. Best part? Everything fits into a sturdy carry bag for when we hit the road to Grandpa & Grandma’s house or go camping this summer.


Here’s a recap of her video on Facebook. Listen in on her ideas!


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