Meet The Mother, Sarah

Mother of Marketing

Business Owner, Mom

In 2015 I left my desk job, mic-drop style. You see, I had been working for some jerk focused on producing inflated results and fake numbers to customers with the idea that it would bring in more money. So, I left and I never looked back.

At the time, I was a single mom to a child with Autism, $0 in savings, a one-bedroom apartment (where I slept on the couch), and a $hit ton of grit.

When I first started working in the social media industry I had zero clues as to what I was doing. So, I surrounded myself with mentors filled with knowledge about the industry and it’s practices and subscribed to as many “experts” as possible. There was only one problem: a lot, if not all of them, had the same message with the same tactics and the same solution. 

I found it incredibly frustrating, especially as a novice relying on people I thought had a clue. 

I had tried all these tactics, tools, and what I thought were promising solutions to my problems as a business and marketer. None of what I had been doing was producing results for the businesses I was working with. So I dug deeper to understand what was driving the success of some of these more prominent companies and entrepreneurs.

After taking every single online course (free and paid), reading every inch of marketing copy, Instagram expertise, and dissecting as many “how-to” guides as possible I came to the conclusion that the element I had been missing was personality through brand development. I began teaching others – becoming a mentor and educator; A master.

That brings us back to 2015 when I developed my business, persona, and began hitting social media harder than I had ever before. Developing those important skill sets so that I could provide truly comprehensive and unique marketing education resources that actually work. I’m not an expert in everything, only in what I know – which is a lot.

Let’s reinvigorate your passion and momentum for what you do and create something better together.

How We’re Going To Break The Wheel.

First of all, what does “break the wheel” mean outside of a Game of Thrones context? It means social media is changing and you can’t market yourself the way you used to. Inspiring others through your creations, good works, and ability to truly, honestly, help your customers are what people are interested in. 

Now that you understand what Breaking the Wheel means let’s point out how we’re helping you do this. 


Social Media Coaching

Social Strategy Consulting

Instagram Masterclass

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I am not going to stop the wheel.
I am going to break the wheel.

– Daenerys Targaryen

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