Stop Hustling

Break The Wheel.

Here’s the deal. We know not every single business owner has the budget to hire a social media team or freelancer, or agency to run their digital marketing.

We also know that no one knows your brand quite like you and your team. We’ve come up with a series of classes that will teach you EXACTLY how to break the wheel you’re stuck on and start earning more money. 

Instagram Masterclass

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Here’s What’s Included…

In the Instagram Masterclass You’ll receive:

– Brand Marketing Starter Kit

– Marketing strategy template

– Best practices checklist

– 8 page Hashtag guide

– All notes & detailed information from the class

– Access to the private student community 

– 24/7 access to a group of ideation experts

Group  Social Training


When you’re managing a small group of influencers and team members within your MLM you want them to be successful.  You also want them to feel successful and provide value to others through their social media platforms.

Mother of Marketing provides the group training you and your team need in order to thrive on Instagram, Facebook, and build a lifestyle brand that truly gives your team the freedom to live life fully.

Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible regarding the type of training you’re looking for. All the courses listed above are available in mini course and group options.

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