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This DIY version of Brand Class is perfect for those seeking to understand how they can develop their own brand online. 


Our workbook is on sale right now! Starting on June 1st, we’re launching an email course that will be your partner in discovering your brand.

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Everything You’re about to Learn…

Through trial and error, then perfection, I have created and implemented my own marketing firm and now everything I’ve done and done for my clients, I’m going to teach you. This 65 page workbook is an essential when it comes to effectively shaping your brand.

How To Make The Workbook “Work” For You

Your workbook has an 18 lesson guide. You can either breeze on through it, or take your time developing yourself and your brand. When we say DIY, we don’t have any restriction on how fast or slow you go about working through it all. When you open your workbook, there are directions and lessons through the entire process. When you join the group on Facebook, you will be able to ask any and all questions you may have about your brand or the worksheets.

Define Who You Are.

Building a brand and marketing it takes a lot of hard work. There are those out there who have built brands and have been successful overnight. That’s not realistic and only 1% of people can actually do this. This course, while it does have a collaborative aspect to it, is, for the most part, DIY. I’m here through your entire journey to help you, but ultimately you know yourself better. As your brand coach, we will begin to define who you are as a brand together and uncover the ways in which you can be successful.

Join The Facebook Community.

Here we discuss everything we write about, what your struggles are, and put our heads together to solve any problems you may be facing.

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Ready to sign up? Join me, together we’ll make the world a better place and deliver you to happiness.

Be The Boss Of Your Own Destiny

Don’t you want the ability to choose your own destiny? I know I did the moment I realized how much of Fox’s life I was missing out on. Choosing to leave my full-time job was a risk, continuing to run a business as a single mom is a risk. Life is not without these things. Be the boss of your own destiny. Choose wisely and boldly.

Your Pursuit of Happiness

Isn’t it about time you fought for your happiness and not just the happiness of some faceless figurehead? YES! You have a right in the pursuit of happiness. Creating a brand centered around improving your quality of life and your family’s will aid you in achieving more than you could have ever imagined.  Are you ready to be happy?

How Brand Class & Sarah Help

I can, and will help you make your idea a brand. So many businesses and individuals face the issue of understanding how to be successful on social media or in the business world. The Brand Class shows you exactly how to craft your brand, create and implement strategies to produce on-going revenue, how to time manage your lifestyle, and allow yourself to truly be happy. As a certified, educated, and experienced marketing director and coach I’ve helped numerous people identify their true calling and unleash their inner strength.

In This Class You’ll Learn

  • Reflection on who you are/ was/and will become to identify your personal beliefs and a self-evaluation.
  • Creation of brand beliefs, behaviors and a vision statement
  • Identifying the aesthetics of your brand (getting into design)
  • Goal setting based on new beliefs, behaviors, and vision
  • Content writing for the pages of your website
  • Definition of and creation of your brand experience
  • Development of your brand’s voice and tone
  • Creation of website; wireframe, design, tech specs, web security, content plan
  • Social media training
  • Social media strategy development
  • Email strategy development
  • Networking strategies
  • Video content strategy development

Working with Sarah has been such an incredible learning experience. It’s provided me the tools and support I’ve always needed to get next level with my business.

– Teresa Brenneman

Sarah helped me lay the groundwork for my website and in essence, helped bridge the gap between my lack of knowledge regarding websites and what I was good at.

– Brandon Erickson

Sarah brought a level of energy, knowledge, and creativity to the table which allowed my business dream to become reality in a few short weeks.

– Julie Meyers-Miller,

She is not only cheery with a great sense of humor, but she is also determined, strong willed and has a unique creative marketing skill set.

– Stephen McMurray, Crazy Clever LLC

Sarah is a smart, creative, driven, social media marketer. She understands strategy, community and how to engage an audience.

– Kate Nelson, Rainmaker Institute

Alternative Wheel Breaking Methods

My mission in life is to help you and others like you find a way to unchain you from your 9-5 desk job, help you understand your potential to conquer your life, and reign. I do know that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. The options below are perfect for someone who is exploring how to improve a brand or skill set without jumping into entrepreneurship.  Idea to Brand covers simple concepts explored in the group and one-on-one coaching of Brand Class. This is a DIY version of Brand Class with forever access to our Facebook Community for students. $25 for the workbook. $10K VA is a fantastic class brought to you by Kayla Sloan, a virtual assistant who took her VA business from $0 to $10K. You’ll be sure to see an ROI on this investment. See website for details (click button below) Refresh, Rest is a six-week web series to help pre-established companies rebrand themselves and develop their story more deeply. If you’re a company who needs to reset, this option is perfect for you. Varies in price, email for more info. If I, as a single mom, running multiple businesses, raising an HFA child, and growing as an individual, can do it, you damn well can too. These DIY courses are perfect the parent on a budget.

Start Your New Life

Become a brand that knows how to help the others around you.
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Delightful Extras

Bonus Material

  • Yearly month-to-month content calendar
  • Weekly content schedule
  • Strategy template
  • KPI template (key performance indicators)
  • Website checklist
  • Brand development checklist
  • Contract template
  • Color Palette tools from Canva
  • Four social media based modules
  • Customer avatar template
  • Current customer/family and friend evaluation sheet and email

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