Join The Revolution

Rebel against the wheel that has rolled over rich and poor for hundreds of years. Rebel against the standards forced on you and set your own.

How it  Started

My son was born in 2013. The monsoon season here in Phoenix was insane and was a metaphor for how my life at that time was. I hated leaving my sweet baby and as he grew older I knew I was missing out on so much. I couldn’t take it. So I took the leap into self-employment and took my social media business full time. Not everyone is going to do social media, but everyone does want to work from home. 81% of parents want 100% flexibility when it comes to their jobs. It’s not that we as parents don’t want to work, we want to be there for the first steps, the first word, the first lost tooth, the first spelling bee, and the first kiss. Nothing’s more important and purposeful than being a parent and showing your kid what it means to rule your life. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

Grit & Tenacity

Here’s the thing. Self-employment, entrepreneurship, whatever you want to call it, is not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transition to an at home work life. Thousands of companies are hiring people just like you for remote or freelance positions. You simply have to understand where and how to find the jobs and have the grit to grind and get shit done. It took me eight years to get where I am today. Getting here wasn’t easy by any standard and I wouldn’t want it to be either. Being the only bacon winner for myself and Fox is what gave me the tenacity I so needed to make everything work.

Parents Belong In The Rebellion

Moms and dads need to be home with their kids. Maybe not both, but def one of you. The smartest way to get there is to set yourself up with everything below. Parentpreneur Starter List – A financial game plan to get you set to jump into self-employment – Small business strategy with short and long-term goals. – Marketing strategy – Email marketing strategy – Website basics – Membership in a group of like-minded rebels (oh yeah, totes free)

My mission in life is to help you and others like you find a way to unchain you from your 9-5 desk job, help you understand your potential to conquer your life, and reign.

Take Your Idea & Turn

It Into A Brand

Idea to Brand covers simple concepts explored in the group and one-on-one coaching of Brand Class. This is a DIY version of Brand Class with forever access to our Facebook Community for students.

$25 for the workbook.