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Inspired by a friend who one day said, “I’m having a F*ck it kind of day.” Social Media Therapy is a show about calling out toxic positivity, being a parent running a business, and a safe space to validate your issues with social media.

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Social Media Therapy Podcast Preview

Social Media Therapy Podcast Preview

PODCASTPreview Social Media Therapy Podcast NowYes, you can publish three times a day and try to expedite your total engagement, but that's also a really exhausting thing for many people. So, instead, I'm going to help you understand what the Instagram algorithm is...

Sarah Potter on the Forteller Games Podcast

Sarah Potter on the Forteller Games Podcast

PODCASTSarah Potter on the Forteller Games PodcastBy Sarah Potter December 27, 2020Sarah Potter is excited to announce she is a co-host on the board game podcast, the Forteller Games Podcast. This podcast is a board game, tabletop, and tech show focused on...

Sarah Potter & Alli Paolone

Meet Sarah and Alli, two social media marketing consultants and digital experts who’ve been foraging their way since the early 2010’s. This dynamic duo sasses the social media industry and sets some unspoken rules straight in this podcast on marketing, life, and all the therapy social media marketer workers need. 

“We’re not here to tell you how to do your job, we’re here to validate the shit out of what you’re doing and reinforce the unspoken ground rules of social media workers everywhere,” says Sarah–known for her bold and brash approach to social content. 

This podcast is for more than just social media workers too. Social Media therapy is here for everyone worn out and burned by the ever-changing algorithms and forced sense of care about social platforms, and the social media rat race.

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