Sarah is a self-taught digital marketing expert who will inspire you to rebel against the status-quo and create a marketing experience your customers will love–sparking business results you will love.


In 2015 I left my desk job mic-drop style. I had been working for some guy focused on producing inflated results and fake numbers to customers with the idea that it would bring in more money. So, I left, and I never looked back.

At that time, I was a single mom to a child with Autism, $0 in savings, a one-bedroom apartment (where I slept on the couch), and a ton of grit.

Grit can only get you so far. When I started my business full-time I had zero clue what I was doing. So, I surrounded myself with mentors knowledgeable about the industry and its practices. I subscribed to as many “experts” as possible. But there was only one problem: a lot, if not all of them, had the same message with the same tactics and the same solution. 

I found it incredibly frustrating, especially as a novice relying on people I thought had a clue. 


I had tried all these tactics, tools, and what I thought were promising solutions to my problems as a business and marketer. I felt like a lot of the advice I was following made me unauthentic and wasn’t helping me create a sustainable business–or life.

None of what I had been doing was producing results and was burning me out more quickly than I could handle as a single mom. So I took a step back, reduced my clients, and reevaluated my goals, ambition, and what a sustainable life would look like.

Once I understood what I wanted my life to look like, the time I wanted to dedicate toward my business, the clients I wanted to work with, and the flexibility I desired, I set out to establish how I could help future clients and coaching students create marketing campaigns they love. 


During a session with a client, she made an amazing comment, “this is so much like therapy–it’s Instagram therapy.” This hit me like a ton of bricks. Creating a sustainable business meant being able to get honest on the difficulties of marketing as a solopreneur or small business.

In order to optimize build a sustainable marketing plan, we need to optimize the way we work and what we’re working on. Not everyone needs Instagram. Not everyone needs to write 12 articles per week. Not everyone needs to post every day of the week. 

Taking what I understand about marketing and what’s actually important for entrepreneurs and small businesses to focus on:

    • Building holistic marketing strategies through “social media therapy” sessions. In these sessions we help you identify WHO you are, WHAT makes you different, and HOW to deliver your value.
    • Instagram coaching where we whip the “comparison factor” out of you and reinforce all of your identity and positioning into your content.
    • DIY courses and coaching sessions where we cut through all the “basic” crap out to TRANSFORM your brand into its own value-based identity.


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