BOLD Words,

BOLDER Dreams.

I’m a womxn living in the crazy world of business-ownership, living my best life. I set intentions, do some yoga, and ride the entrepreneurship roller coaster. But here’s the thing. We all often forget the intentions we had set for ourselves and when post-it notes weren’t helping me remember, I created a letter word bracelet that would.

I put together two ideas – words that empower badass womxn and gemstones that could make us feel more connected and grounded with our surroundings.

BOLD Affirmations was born.

Now, we inspire bold womxn to affirm their intentions through gem life. 

BOLD Values

Inspire – BOLD Affirmations inspires womxn to set intentions that cater to their needs regardless of gender norms and societal values. 

Empower – I design our bracelets to be a constant reminder of how empowered we are as womxn and individuals. We’re stronger together. 

Affirm – When you doubt yourself BOLD Affirmations is there to remind you you’re a badass womxn who creates a life she chooses and IS inspiring younger generations of the same value.

Call to Create – We are called to create whatever our heart desires and fulfill that passion endlessly.


Our bracelets are priced at $20 per standard bracelet. A standard bracelet is all the items listed on our website. 

If you’re looking for something a little more customized, we can do that! Customized bracelets are $25 each and if you order over one bracelet with the same customized word, we will provide a $5 discount per additional bracelet purchased. 

Wholesale is available for branded bracelets. We work hand-in-hand with our wholesale clients to create something perfectly crafted for them. Whole sale pricing begins at $17 per bracelet with customized wording waived. If you’re interested in working with us please contact us at


Each bracelet is made with genuine gem stones, 24k gold or rose gold, and hand-crafted in the US. All bracelets are pre-stretched and life-tested.

There is a 12-month guarantee on each bracelet. Should the bracelet break because of normal wear and tear within the 12-month period, BOLD Affirmations will replace the bracelet for free.

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