EP02 – Why You Need to Stop Doing Shit for Free

This is a loaded episode. Alli and Sarah talk about all the free things they used to do, the free things people expect to be given when they sign a contract, and the free crap some people just constantly expect. Dive into this episode for a therapeutic release and helpful tips on HOW to stop giving shit away for free–it’s just hurting you in the long run anyway!

By Sarah Potter & Alli Paolone

January 18, 2021

We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it. The “it” of course being giving shit away for free a.k.a. work. In the creative industry, people oftentimes refuse to acknowledge the value creatives provide. It’s a tragedy to be honest because creatives are responsible for so much of the beauty in the world and a lot of the strategy that goes into other people’s businesses.

No market is so affected by all of this bullshit as the freelance industry. When was the first time you heard someone ask you to donate work? Or maybe they offered to exchange exposure for work? Or maybe you’ve had someone say they’ll trade services with you and then they back out on training services with you after you’ve given them free work? So many people have dealt with this issue, and so many more will continue to deal with this issue unless we talk about it more.

It is OK to say no to your clients and that you will not do things for free. It is OK to say what your hourly rate is for extra work on top of the contract. It is OK to say no, you’re not interested. It’s OK to fire your client if they continue to ask for free work. Build up a fuck you fund and get out. As the creative in the ones responsible for making so much of the work businesses present as their own and for creating the strategies that these businesses implement, the power is truly in our hands. It’s time we take back the power in this world and show them who’s boss.


Sarah Potter & Alli Paolone

Meet Sarah and Alli, two social media marketing consultants and digital experts who've been foraging their way since the early 2010's. This dynamic duo sasses the social media industry and sets some unspoken rules straight in this podcast on marketing, life, and all the therapy social media marketer workers need. 

"We’re not here to tell you how to do your job, we’re here to validate the shit out of what you’re doing and reinforce the unspoken ground rules of social media workers everywhere," says Sarah–known for her bold and brash approach to social content. 

This podcast is for more than just social media workers too. Social Media therapy is here for everyone worn out and burned by the ever-changing algorithms and forced sense of care about social platforms, and the social media rat race.

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