EP03 – How Hard it ACTUALLY is to Start A Business As A Single Parent

This week’s episode we are talking about how Hard it actually is to start a business as a single parent. A common misconception is that when you quit your job and start your business online everything is going to run smoothly, your life is going to be more flexible and that’s all just bullshit.

By Sarah Potter & Alli Paolone

February 10, 2021

So you want to start a business as a single parent or a parent? That is SO awesome and I’m super excited for you, but we need you to understand the reality of what you’re about to dive into. Starting a business is very fucking hard—especially when you are a parent. Especially when you are a parent who is single and has no one but yourself to rely on financially.

Both Ali and I have created our businesses as single parents. Yes, we are not single parents now, however, parents nonetheless. Life was so difficult for us both as single parents and running a business. In this episode, we cover some major highlights in our struggles to become business owners and successfully run our businesses while managing our lives as single parents.

When you’re running a business, understanding your finances is an incredibly important thing. But what do you do when you’re financially traumatized from a previous relationship or you just don’t really understand finances? We talk about the stresses of finances as business owners and how important it is to find and create the support systems we need to make money less stressful and work through the trauma that surrounds our opinions on money. We also talk about how important self-care is. You may recall from a previous episode Sarah did not prioritize self-care at all and eventually developed a chronic illness and crashed and burned. We also talk about how our mental health affects our business in our ability to manage our time wisely. We highly recommend that everybody focus on finding some kind of person or support system to talk about their mental health with.

We talked about abuse in this episode and we really want to drive home the fact that we’re here for you. You are not alone in your trauma. You’re not alone in running your business. Alli and I are here for you; Message us on Instagram, Twitter, or find us in Discord and let us know you need help. We have so many emotional resources available to give you including life coaches, therapists, EMDR therapists, abuse helplines. Whatever you need, let us know and we’re dedicated to helping you get there.

Things we learned while recording this episode: 

  • Our finances stress us out–ESPECIALLY as business owners–and it’s important that we take time to find the support systems we need to make money less stressful and work through the trauma that surrounds our thoughts on money.
  • Self-care is an essential practice all business owners must make. Sarah used to think it wasn’t necessary as a single parent until she physically crashed from chronic illness and burnout. Take the time to make your own self-care practice.
  • Learn to sit in silence.
  • Don’t hide from trauma. When we bury trauma, it will come up eventually and bring down your entire world.

Key takeaways for listeners: 

  • Create a self-care practice. Seriously, do it.
  • In order to be successful with your business as a single parent, you need to really give yourself personal time and create goals around conquering your fears.
  • Taking kids to appointments, sport events, craft sessions, to and from school, and whatever else is what running your own business allows for, but it doesn’t mean life is any less stressful.
  • Create healthy boundaries with yourself, your business, you kids, and don’t be afraid of what that might look like.
  • Maybe make your kids a part of your business. Whether that’s your baby being your sidekick on client calls or your kids helping you run your business, look at it as showing your kids how important the pursuit of your own happiness is.
  • Create a financial support system. 
  • Do not feel guilty, you are doing everything you need to do. Do what’s best for you.
  • Be okay with struggle, get comfortable with it. There’s nothing more important than validating what you’re feeling and experiencing. If you don’t validate your own feelings, you’ll live in guilt–you’ll swim in it.
  • Scream into the literal void to release your trapped negative emotions so you can give yourself the freedom to step into your future success and badassery. 


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