EP05 – The One Where We Answer Questions You Asked Us About Perfection and Creator Consent

If you have ever been consumed with perfection, feel like you are tricking people into believing that you’re the expert in your field OR felt like someone has used your content without consent, this episode is for you. 

Topics covered in this episode: 

  • Why is perfection such an issue on social media?
  • Why is creator’s consent important?
  • What do I do if someone doesn’t own the copyright to an idea?
  • Why are we so afraid to look stupid on social media?
  • How do we talk about our mistakes on social media? Should we?

By Sarah Potter & Alli Paolone

February 23, 2021

One day consent won’t be such a huge issue. No, not that kind of consent–but that one is important too. I’m talking about creator consent.


What is creator consent? 

Creator consent is when you the user go to the creator and ask them if you can use their creative goods with their permission. These creative goods could be an Instagram post, a social media post, a quote from them, an article they wrote you want to share in your newsletter, a font type they’re created, a style or template they have, and anything else of the sort. Creator Consent is most often needed though when you’re re-sharing/re-gramming.  an image of someone’s on YOUR feed. Re-sharing it and giving them credit is often not enough, and you absolutely MUST ask the creator for consent before sharing the image. 

How do you ask for creator consent?

It is pretty simple; You ask them. Pull up their social media account, draft a message to them asking if you can share the image in question on your own page (or however you mean to share it), provide them with the direct link to the specific image and explain your intent. Some creators may say “Yes, thank you so much! I would love to have my stuff shared,” and then give you the specific ins and outs of how to share and what restrictions they might have regarding caption etc. 

Why is creator consent important? 

We live in a digital world where there are so many content creators who share a variety of content for various reasons and purposes. Many of these content creators are making money off the content they share, are in a sponsorship where they don’t want duplicated content anywhere but on their own channels, or they just don’t want their content shared by other accounts. There is also the issue where people screenshot another creator’s content and share it to their account with false advertising, claiming the work as their own, and not giving credit where credit is due. This is a HUGE problem on Instagram specifically. 

Most notably in the body positivity world. Weight loss companies will oftentimes take BP influencer images and post them on their account talking about how important weight loss is, discuss their weight loss products and how they help, and then make up some bullshit about the person in the photo. GROSS. This starts and stops with all of us holding these “Gram Robbers” accountable. 

What to do when you notice someone violating creator consent

Most people who share others content will write in the caption “shared with permission,” or “thank you to @NAME for allowing me to share this post,” or something similar. Now, if you notice someone who has shared something and it is clearly not theirs, don’t comment on the post first, send the original content creator a message with the link to the post informing them their content seems to have been shared without their permission. The OG creator will typically thank you for your vigilance or inform you of the deal they might have with the person sharing the image. 

The point in doing this is not to alarm the other creator or create a defensive response. That never goes over well. 

This information is not to empower you to get on a high horse and police everyone, it is to awaken you and help bring more awareness to the issue. Some people just don’t understand the rules of content re-sharing/re-gramming and in order to help them, we must educate first, notify second, and be empathetic with the people on the other end. We don’t know what we don’t know. 

Other things in this episode

Creator consent is the most important question we answer in this episode, BUT we also talk about creator copyright, how to handle perceived perfection on social media, ways to overcome some major issues regarding mental health and subjects on social media.


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