EP 12 – How to Stop Feeling Inferior When You Have a Small Marketing Budget

In this episode Sarah and Alli breakdown what marketing budgets are and how we can tell anxiety to take a hike with creating one that fits our business model.

By Sarah Potter

June 22, 2021

EP12 - How to not feel inferior when you have a small marketing budget and what to do

Marketing budget. It sounds like such an overly professional thing that should just be easy to understand right? For me, marketing budgets cause me so much anxiety. Mainly because I just suck at budgeting overall. But when I went into business school in 2017 I spent a lot of time building a marketing budget, understanding how they function in the grand scheme of a business, and how truly easy they are to implement and create.

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Sarah Potter & Alli Paolone

Meet Sarah and Alli, two social media marketing consultants and digital experts who've been foraging their way since the early 2010's. This dynamic duo sasses the social media industry and sets some unspoken rules straight in this podcast on marketing, life, and all the therapy social media marketer workers need. 

"We’re not here to tell you how to do your job, we’re here to validate the shit out of what you’re doing and reinforce the unspoken ground rules of social media workers everywhere," says Sarah–known for her bold and brash approach to social content. 

This podcast is for more than just social media workers too. Social Media therapy is here for everyone worn out and burned by the ever-changing algorithms and forced sense of care about social platforms, and the social media rat race.

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