What To Do When Facebook
Un-publishes Your Facebook Business Page

Recently I had a friend who contacted me to look into her Facebook page. This was the issue, her page was not showing up publicly at all. Many people run into this issue before, and there are a few reasons why your page might not be showing up.


When I went to research the issue and trying to understand a little bit more about what exactly happens to her page I came to realize that she could have had her page reported which then would have resulted in her page being deleted due to a potential violation and Facebook policy. But what we still don’t understand is which policy exactly she violated.


The trouble with this is that Facebook usually doesn’t send you an email letting you know that your page has been deleted due to a policy violation.


So how do you find out if your Facebook business page violated policy? The first step is to fill out this form here.




Even if you fill out this page in hopes that you’re going to have your profile reinstated, it could potentially give you a reason why your page was on published, and therefore will not be re-published.


So what’s someone to do when their page has been deleted?


Start over?


Never use Facebook again?


These options are not ideal. Especially if your Facebook business page was one of the primary traffic sources for your website. So if this issue has not happened to you yet, there’s time for you to begin diversifying your audience traffic.


Start reaching out to other social media platforms and another query type of platforms that will allow you to drive traffic from those sources in addition to your Facebook business page.


Let people know that you are available on other platforms aside from Facebook. You can do this with a simple post. Other options for avoiding having your Facebook page deleted is to really be involved in understanding what Facebook business page policies are.


These policies change quite frequently. Things it might have been OKC two years ago are more than likely not OK today.


You can look at all of the videos these policies change quite frequently. Things it might have been OK two years ago are more than likely not OK today. You can look at all of the policies by clicking here.




But the issue goes further than that. Facebook is removing fan pages, business pages, and other types of pages that create a chaotic experience and are doing so without the consent of users.


It can take 48 hours to get a response from Facebook, and that’s even if it’s just a generic here’s how we can help.


After 72 more hours of waiting you may be able to finally learn why your page had been taken down without warning. Sometimes it can be a simple copyright issue that you weren’t even aware of.


You need to be extremely wary when building your online marketing platform on someone else’s digital land. Facebook is not your digital land.


You are given that page by courtesy of Facebook. Even if you pay for ads you still don’t on your Facebook page, Facebook does.


So be careful of how you utilize your digital presence and always be sure to diversify.

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