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Lesson Outline for Instagram Masterclass

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Week One

What is Instagram

Different businesses it works for

Influencers – partnering and becoming one

What are high engagement levels?

Importance of a niche brand and presence on Instagram

Week Two

Defining Your Brand for Partnerships, Collabs, and being an Instagram Influencer

What An Instagram Brand Is and Isn’t 

How to Define Your Brand for Instagram

Understanding The Instagram App

Week Three

Defining Your Tone

Creating Confident Content

How to Establish Tone on Instagram

Week Four

Brainstorming The Experience You Want to Provide

Understanding What Experiences You CAN Provide

Building a Community on Instagram

Creating Your Brand Experience on Instagram

Week Five

Creating Your Ideal Audience

Understanding Different Demographics and the Importance of Data

The Importance of Customer Avatars

Week Six

The Key Components of an Instagram Strategy 

Adapting New Brand Standards on Instagram 

A Walkthrough of The Instagram App 

Personal Instagram vs Business Instagram Profiles

Week Seven

Creating Content Themes  

Building Partnerships on Instagram 

Converting Instagram Followers into Buyers 

Why You Need A Website

Week Eight

Tweaking Your Instagram Bio 

How to Use Planoly for Instagram Content Management 

Researching Competitor Hashtags

Week Nine

How to Implement Your Instagram Strategy

What to do When You Feel Disconnected From Your Strategy

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