It’s the home stretch!

You’re two months in and in the home stretch! Welcome to week eight, you’re almost an Instagram Master. But before you jump the gun and say “I don’t really need week eight!” Take a beat and give yourself the opportunity to dive in.

We’re teaching you some essential tweaks, marketing strategies, and how to use walkthroughs. 

Content covered this week:

    • Tweaking Your Instagram Bio
    • How to Use Planoly for Instagram Content Management
    • Researching Competitor Hashtags

Lesson One

Tweaking Your Instagram Bio

As I have mentioned throughout this entire course you should always be testing! Tweaking your Instagram bio is going to be something I want you to practice doing every single month. 

There may come a time where you feel that one Instagram bio is sufficient for the entirety of the year, however, there will be times where you might be working on a partnership, collaboration, or you have a special product launching you want to highlight.

In this video, we’re going to discuss what kind of Instagram bios work the best, how you should be able testing and the importance of utilizing a link tree.

Five key components of an Instagram strategy:

  • What IG bios work best
  • AB Testing bios
  • Link tree

End of Lesson One

Lesson Two

How to Use Planoly for Instagram
Content Management

Planoly is an amazing Instagram content management tool. I highly recommend utilizing this tool or something along the lines of because they allow you to truly analyze all of your Instagram posts keep track of your Layout, and really hone in on understanding how your profile lays out. You can also schedule Instagram stories within Planoly now and it’s a wonderful thing.

Key Concepts in this Video:

  • Using Planoly or schedulers and automation software with Instagram
  • An intro to Instagram hashtags
  • How to begin researching your hashtags

End of Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Researching Competitor Hashtags

What is Instagram without hashtags? Utilizing hashtags is by far one of the most important strategies on Instagram. But having the perfect Instagram hashtag strategy is a little complicated. There are many elements you need to consider when looking at which hashtags to use as well as understanding which hashtags are banned and which hashtags will give you a proper boost. In this video, we’re going to discuss how to do proper Instagram hashtag research.

Key Concepts in this Video:

  • Where to find hashtags
  • Which hashtags to pick
  • Where to use hashtags
  • Bio
  • Comments
  • Caption
  • Hashtag formula

    End of Lesson Three

    End of Module 8