Welcome to week five.

After an entire month of creating you we’re going to focus on your audience. Who are they? Where are they? What hashtags are they using? What problems do they have that need solving? 

Content covered this week:

  • Lesson One: Creating Your Ideal Audience
  • Lesson Two: The Importance of Customer Avatars

Lesson One

Creating Your Ideal Audience

At the start of this course you probably had what you thought was the right audience. After some digging maybe you realized that the audience you have is not the audience you want. So what do we need to do in order to begin attracting the audience we want? 

We need to understand who they are, what their problems are, how we can help them, what values we share with them, and some basic analytics. 

Key Concepts in this Video:

  • Who are you reaching now
  • How to determine that
  • How to analyze your audience

    Homework you need done before you watch this video:

    • Worksheets 1 – 11

    Worksheets included in this video:

    Worksheet 12 

    Customer Research You will examine who your audience members are as individuals and the emotions they experience revolving around the problem you offer to solve. Complete this worksheet to make your life easier for creating your avatars.


    Persona Sheet

    In my experience, I have found that after I have created my customer avatars, transferring the main three avatars I want to go after into my persona sheet has helped keep my business plan aligned and my goals clear. Try it out!


    End of Lesson One

    Lesson Two

    The Importance of Customer Avatars

    Customers and clients are so much more than demographics they are actually people, not freaking data. So what do we need to do when it comes to understanding how to market them? We need to understand who they are based on the concepts learned in the previous video.

     To develop our core customer base we need to create customer avatars which can be downloaded here.

    A customer avatar is the collection of information pertaining to the general basis of who a person is in relation to your brand. When building avatars it is important to ask questions about this person beyond where they live and how much money they make. What relationship do they have to you or your product?

    Key Concepts in this Video:

  • What a customer avatar is
  • Creating a customer avatar
  • Understanding where to find
  • and research information
  • about your customer
  • Defining your demographic
  • Creating content-based on target customers
  • Worksheets included in this video:

    Customer Avatar Sheet

    This is your detailed persona chart. Make as many as you feel you need. Best thing to do? Print this sucker out and hand write everything. Involving kinesthetic learning skill sets into your regular business practices is a good idea.


    End of Lesson Two

    End of Module 5