The end is upon us.

You’ve done it! You have gone through this entire nine-week course and are heading into your final week. Now is the time to begin implementing your Instagram strategy, understanding how to manage your time going forward, and driving into a little bit more Instagram engagement and growth strategy. 

In this week’s lessons were going to be covering everything that we’ve already talked about just as a brief overview as well as helping you understand a little bit more on the engagement aspect when it comes to strategy.

We’re finally here! Today we are going to work on implementing your Instagram strategy. In this video, we’re literally going to do that.

Content covered this week:

    • Tweaking Your Instagram Bio
    • How to Use Planoly for Instagram Content Management
    • Researching Competitor Hashtags


Lesson One

How to Implement Your Instagram Strategy

End of Lesson One

Lesson Two

What to do When You Feel

Disconnected From Your Strategy

Any time you begin to feel disconnected from your brand re-read everything you have created, written, and spoken about. Ask for your customer’s perspectives. And find a way to make an improvement in your brand that allows you to feel more connected to it.

Key Concepts in this Video:

  • Importance of always testing
  • AB Testing
  • Hashtag testing
  • Style testing
  • How to evaluate your successes
  • Refer to data

Refer to the brand work jacking exercise – any time someone posts something positive or leaves a review comment on your post take the time to share that information with your team, or use it to inspire a new piece of content. Take detailed notes on every aspect of a post or tactic utilized and recount the steps you took to complete that success and then repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. 

Here are some of my personal approaches to overcoming failures:

  • Maybe change up your brand’s language or engagement approach

  • Make the determination if the failure had to do with a core element of your branch or if it had something to do with the kind of content or style of content you posted.

  • Refer to the data. Data can really paint a story for you and help you more successfully drive down to the details of that specific failure. 

Bottom line, we all get stuck in our heads and sometimes we just can’t figure out where we need to go from here. If you need help getting feedback, having an audit run on your account, need help dissecting a problem you can always hit us up in the Instagram Masters Facebook group

You’ve become an
Instagram Master.