Welcome to your first week.

It’s time to rally the troops! Welcome to the Instagram Masterclass! We’re not going to bullshit you in any way and are about to teach your REAL and 100% implementable methods for Instagram.

In this first video you’re going to learn a tiny bit about me and a whole lot about why Instagram is one of the most important parts of any social media strategy. If you do perchance want to learn a little more about me, you can do so here

Key Elements in this Video: 

  • What is Instagram
  • Different businesses it works for
  • Influencers – partnering and becoming one
  • High engagement levels
  • Importance of a niche brand and presence on Insta
  • Overview of Week 1 Homework – DUE BY VIDEO 

Worksheets included in this video: 

Worksheet 1 

Perception Survey This worksheet is for the purposes of understanding what your current audience understands about you and laying out your strengths according to them. This is to be sent to as many people you think to understand you and your future goals. 


Worksheet 2

Self Audit Not everyone is savvy as they may seem in every single area of running a brand. This survey is to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This will be important as it will help you identify where your focus needs to be at the most.


Worksheet 3

Defining What You Believe In Every good brand starts with a core set of beliefs. This is something Root + River taught me early on. You need to make sure you’re laying out all your beliefs so you can begin to understand what your brand aligns with the most and the direction you’ll take it in.


Worksheet 4

Crafting Your Vision Statement Without a good vision how will you attract the right followers, clients, or buyers?


End of Module One