Damn week six was brutal. Maybe you took an extra week or two to ramp up or really create something great. If you did, bravo. My hats off to you. If you didn’t and you’re still working on it…do not proceed.

If you pounded out all of week six in a literal week, hot damn! 

Content covered this week:

  • Creating Content Themes  
  • Building Partnerships on Instagram
  • Converting Instagram Followers into Buyers 
  • Why You Need A Website 

Lesson One

Creating Content Themes 

Content theming is one really easy way to always know what the hell you’re going to talk about each day or week. For some it helps to fully write out everything in a day for the entire month. For others giving a broad stroke idea to yourself is really helpful.

In addition to building out content themes we’re going to discuss how to do this.

There are five key components of an Instagram strategy:

  • How to create content themes – Knowing your niche
  •  Knowing which content themes are right for your brand
  •  Quote blocks
  •  Video clips
  • Creative imagery ideas

Worksheets included in this video:

Worksheet 14

Planning Out Content Make sure you downloaded the monthly and weekly content calendars and let’s get organized!


End of Lesson One

Lesson Two

Building Partnerships on Instagram

As you create content on Instagram it is important for you to also think about how some of your content will affect future partnerships with larger companies and brands. In this video we’ll discuss important details to create a polished look and feel to your Instagram and how to begin pitching potential partners.

Key Concepts in this Video:

  • Defined brand.
  • Know your audience.
  • Post consistently.
  • Use hashtags and geotags.
  • Tag brands in your posts.
  • Include contact information in your bio.
  • Pitch paid sponsorships.
  • Know your worth.

Bonus content! Download the brand partnership template

End of Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Converting Instagram Followers into Buyers

What’s all this work on Instagram for if you’re not making money? In today’s video, we’re breaking down some sales concepts and ways to influence your customers to buy your stuff.


Key Concepts in this Video:

  • Ways to convert your IG followers to buyers.
  • Start a conversation. Be original.
  • Offer promotions.
  • Highlight your customers.
  • Promote your customer service.
  • Be active in the community.
  • Reach out to followers individually.
  • Tell your story.

    End of Lesson Three

    More Bonus Content!

    We have more bonus content for you to watch! The final two videos that are available for the expert and master level class purchasers. Click below to access the videos!

    Bonus Videos:


    • How to Use Planoly
    • How to Use Sprout Social

    Lesson Four

    Why You Need A Website

    So we have the strategy, we have everything we need when it comes to the way we develop our content and how we’re going to share it, as well as all of the hashtags that will help us target the right customers. Now one thing you may not already have is a website. If you do happen to have a website already created you might want to skip over this video.

    For many creators on Instagram Etsy stores are a really great cheap option, especially if you’re not a website designer or developer. However, if you’re looking to get serious about Instagram and turning it into a full-fledged business you need a website outside of an Etsy store.

    In this video, we’re going to go over just the top of a website why you need it and how to choose between a website, just Instagram, or whatever another kind of content you’re going to be creating.

    Key concepts discussed in this video: 

    • Why a website
    • Website VS Etsy
    • How to know when you should upgrade
    • Choosing between blogging and podcasting

    End of Lesson Four

    End of Module 7