Welcome to week three

This week is a little easier. In week two I asked you to do some heavy lifting and really dig deep. It paid off right? You have a little more clarity now. 

Content covered this week:

  • Defining Your Tone & Growing Confidence
  • How to Establish Tone on Instagram

Lesson One

Defining Your Tone & Growing Confidence

Before you define your beliefs, values, and your vision for the future you probably felt super lost when it comes to how to confidently market yourself on Instagram. When we’re just posting random content for the sake of posting random content it does nothing for us, nothing for our audience. 

Creating and establishing a focused tone that adheres to our values as a brand will really help solidify your confidence when it comes to content and your approach to marketing on Instagram.

If you have a chance to finish all your homework from the previous weeks, take the time this to read through everything you’ve created so far and refine some elements of your work.    

Key Concepts in this Video:


  • The importance of confidence on Instagram
  • Getting to know yourself and defining your tone

Homework you need done before you watch this video:

  • Worksheet 1 – 9 

If you’re behind on any homework take this week to finish it before moving on.


End of Lesson One

Lesson Two

How to Establish Tone on Instagram

In this video we’re going to walk through a variety of ways you can develop and establish tone on Instagram. It’s pretty straight forward!

Grab a note pad and pen for this one and begin to take notes, write down ideas, and hit us up in the Facebook group for fresh ideas.

Key Concepts in this Video:

  • How to establish tone and content through
  • Revisiting your beliefs and behaviors


End of Lesson Two

End of Module 3