Seven Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account 

Everyone wants to know how to put in as minor effort as possible to grow their Instagram account. Or they just want to throw money at someone who can do it for them. But the answer isn’t just do everything the easy way. There is a lot of hard work that goes into nurturing your audience on Instagram to get the engagement you want. To be perfectly frank, there are seven pieces of advice I have for you, you need to do ASAP.


Let’s go over each of these important details…


1. Having a Clear and Concise Bio

This doesn’t mean you write up one badass bio ONE time. This means you’re checking back in to see how it’s doing, if it’s achieving the goal you’ve set around it, and if it speaks to what value can be expected from your profile.


2. Doubling up on an SEO Friendly Platform Outside of Instagram

Instagram shouldn’t be your one and only answer to everything you’re doing to promote and market your business. It is only part of the holistic marketing wheel y’all should be riding on. Using YouTube or Pinterest in combination with your Instagram strategy is a great way to drive traffic to your profile from two HUGE SEO focused platforms.


3. Posting Consistently

In no way shape or form does this mean you need to be posting every single day. At most maybe five times a week…MAYBE. But honestly, my recommendations are to post 2-3 times per week or 4-5 times a week. This all depends on what you have going on within your business, of course. If you can only post one time a week be consistent with that one post a week.

Here’s what the different posting schedules could look like: 

2-3 Times Per Week –

– 2 posts promoting a piece of content.

– 1 personal post about your life or something related going on. 

 4-5 Times Per Week – 

– 3-4 posts promoting a piece of content (maybe a video, a blog, a podcast episode, or an on-going giveaway or guide).

– 1-2 personal posts or sharing something from your community.

4. Creating Sharable Content

Everyone reshares good shit on Insta. If you’re looking to get more exposure and see your account grow in terms of those who genuinely follow you, then creating shareble pieces. (like this post) are the way to go.


5. Partnering up for Collabs

Building your network is a SUPER important part of your brand and growing your business. So use the network you’re building (have built) and connect with some peeps! Hit up your business friend and say “Hey friend, let’s swap accounts for a day and exchange audiences!” Then your audience gets to know your friend, and their audience gets to know you. Easy peasy exposure.



6. Using your DM’s for Customer Support

A lot of us use DM’s for chatting with friends and responding to people who comment on a story, but as you grow and serve content up on Instagram, the more you’re going to begin seeing people asking for help or advice. Don’t neglect the DM’s.


7. Beta Clients (or students)

If you have a course online or a special service you’re trying to gear up, try asking for some students to join your class for free and in exchange they give you testimonials, participate in a case study, and help promote your product or service post-class. It’s a really great way to get pre-created content that might need a little finessing.


I hope these tips were helpful in providing you with the big picture surrounding how to grow your Instagram account. It’s not 100% about what you’re doing on Instagram, rather half of what you’re doing on Insta and everything else you’re doing behind the scenes.


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About The Author

When I first started working in the social media industry I had zero clues as to what I was doing. So, I surrounded myself with mentors filled with knowledge about the industry and it’s practices and subscribed to as many “experts” as possible. There was only one problem: a lot, if not all of them, had the same message with the same tactics and the same solution. I found it incredibly frustrating, especially as a novice relying on people I thought had a clue. I had tried all these tactics, tools, and what I thought were promising solutions to my problems as a business and marketer. None of what I had been doing was producing results for the businesses I was working with. So I dug deeper to understand what was driving the success of some of these more prominent companies and entrepreneurs. After taking every single online course (free and paid), reading every inch of marketing copy, Instagram expertise, and dissecting as many “how-to” guides as possible I came to the conclusion that the element I had been missing was personality through brand development. I began teaching others – becoming a mentor and educator; A master.

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