Plutus Foundation

As the Plutus Foundation’s director of social strategy, I manage a team of Facebook Group managers, webinar and community experts, content coordinators, and the executive team. 

I also work to coordinate between foundation departments, projects, and important announcements to the foundation’s community.

The Plutus Awards

Refreshed the Awards aesthetic with a more youthful brand design that has helped increase nomination engagement by 86% over 30 days.

Developed a nominations strategy that helped to ensure participation from creators seeking submissions and fans seeking to nominate.

Worked hand in hand with the executive team to coordinate the delivery of crucial information through email marketing, social media, and outreach.

Provided ideation and solutions for appropriate care and announcements of the awards at the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Coordinated proper, supportive, messaging for the Awards and Foundation during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Established rapport and social content strategies to highlight and support strong black voices in the personal finance community.

Plutus Voices

Worked with the foundation team to establish a series of small, Ted Talk style events to better support our local community members and create a grassroots movement surrounding the ideals of taking action to support and inspire action in under-served communities. 

I also helped to establish an alternative strategy for executing these events in the face of the COVID pandemic.

Unique COVID-19 Strategies

During the 2020 pandemic, the Plutus Foundation’s project Plutus Voices was primed to execute a handful of in person events in major cities affected by the pandemic. 

I was able to cancel the events and pivot to temporary online webinars directly serving the financial needs of the community, those suffering job loss, financial hardship, and abrupt life changes. 

In addition I worked with major personal finance influencers and experts in the finance industry to lend their voices in providing both simple and more complex financial education through Instagram takeovers. 

Live Webinars

Instagram Takeovers

More Projects

What Clients &
Co-Workers Say

Kelsey Linn
Marketing Director at Signafide

Sarah was a fantastic person to work for! She was patient in explaining how systems operated, while being open to suggestions and making you feel as if your opinion was valuable. Her desire to always be ahead of the next social media trend and master it was extremely impressive. All around, she was very helpful while making you want to be better by example.

Steven McMurry 
| Chief of GSD @ Crazy Clever, LLC.

What can I say about Sarah… She is not only cheery with a great sense of humor, but she is also determined, strong willed and has a unique creative marketing skill set. My experiences working with Sarah were loads of fun, full of knowledge sharing, and much helpful assistance when needed. I would recommend her for positions including SEM, social media, and general digital marketing and consulting. Anyone would be fortunate to have her on their team! Best wishes, and continued prosperity for this young talented professional.

Kate Nelson
 | Marketing Director, Digital Strategist

Sarah is a smart, creative, driven, social media marketer. She understands strategy, community and how to engage an audience. She also works diligently to connect to her clients in order to solidly understand their point of view. Not afraid to try new things, she’s both courageous and energetic with a great creative eye.

It has been my pleasure to work with Sarah; she’s passionate about her work and her product and consistently works to bring out the best in herself and her team.

Alyssa Stevens
 | Founder at Happy Camper Marketing & Consulting

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah at The Rainmaker Institute. Not only is she well-spoken and very knowledgeable in social media, she is a fantastic leader. She is always encouraging people to learn, grow, and challenge themselves – including herself. Sarah is constantly bringing new ideas to the table, pushing herself to think “outside the box” for our clients, and seeking new opportunities to advance clients in their marketing.

Hannah Ribotto
 | Marketing Operations Manager

Sarah was someone who first trained me when I first started at The Rainmaker Institute. I was so thankful I was learning from her as she was beyond friendly, knowledgeable and professional. It is so clear when you talk to her that she has a passion for social media and a vast knowledge of its ever changing aspects. She is constantly up to date with the latest trends in social media and Sarah is always determined to remain current by continuing to learn and be the best at what she does. Sarah has not managed me directly however, it is clear that her team loves, respects, and trusts her as their manager. She has been an awesome co-worker and a person that I can honestly say I would be comfortable and happy to work with again.

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