Potter Family October –
The Goods on The First Month of Fall

Our first full month of fall in our home was filled with fun activities, pumpkins, costumes and candy, and a few adventures. 

We had a fantastic October and the Potter house! We had ventured as a family to Schnepf Farms and checked out the pumpkin patch and fall Festival, we partook in a new family tradition of carving pumpkins, we painted and decorated little haunted houses, decorated Halloween cookies, and spent a lot of time recuperating from our house treating flu between one another.


In addition to that, I’ve been working on creating and designing a lot of really wonderful fall outfits. I had a client a couple of weeks ago who was going on a November trip with her husband to Prague and they had a lot of really fun outfits included in their box including cold-weather sweaters, luxurious and incredibly soft scarves, and my favorite part of each box Spanx leggings.


Here are a few of my favorite outfits from this month.

Often times when I’m working a shift at Evereve I like to keep it simple and comfortable. I love Level 99 jeans, they’re seriously comfortable, always soft, and last such a LONG time. The pair I’m wearing here is a subtle dark camo jogger in a size small. Normally I’m a size 8 or medium but with Level 99 you absolutely need to size down.

On top, I’m wearing a simple black lace cami from the Evereve intimates collection and a Kut From the Cloth denim jacket. I truly believe denim jackets are a MUST-HAVE in everyone’s closet. They’re a great piece to layer with and can make any dress more casual. To finish off this outfit I’m wearing coral vans.

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In the photo on the left, I’m wearing an over-sized Z Supply 3/4 length tee in orange finished off with a favorite pair of raw hem 7 For All Mankind denim. In the photo on the right I’m keeping it very fall focused with an orange Allison Joy maxi cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft leopard print skirt, and a go-to favorite of mine, a cold shoulder Sanctuary Clothing tee.

Our kids spent a lot of time thinking about what they wanted to be for Halloween. After searching for a few weeks we finally decided on Pikachu and Han Solo. Initially, I wanted Fox to dress up as Ash Ketchum from Pokémon since aria wanted to be Pikachu. I liked the idea of a best friend duo costume, but Fox wasn’t into the idea.


Our little guy had his heart set on being a dragon. But to be honest, finding a dragon costume proved more difficult than I initially intended. I could have well spent $50-$100 on an awesome dragon costume for Fox, but the idea of spending that much money on a costume that he would only wear one time wasn’t worth it to me.


Something I find incredibly frustrating about finding costumes for kids or how much was supposed to be spending on each of these costumes. For this coming Halloween, I’m going to be looking into purchasing some costumes that we buy within the next week. The kids might change their minds between now and next Halloween, but I’m focused on finding costumes that are of high quality and are going to be a lesser cost than what we spent this year.


I will say Arya’s Pikachu costume was only $20 from Target. But when we had to find a costume for Fox the cheapest thing I could find was $37 at the Spirit Halloween store. Yes, you’re right I could have gone to goodwill and found something but when you have kids with very specific taste it’s best to go to a store to find a costume. 


Back in the day when I was rolling in money from my business, I would go to the Disney store and purchase costumes for Fox. Four of his six years have been spent in Star Wars costumes. For the first three years of his life, he didn’t grow much. So I was comfortable paying full price for a Darth Vader or Kylo Ren costume. I still have both of these costumes and intend to use it for our future son or daughter because who says a girl can’t be Kylo Ren or Darth Vader? I also have an Ewok costume Fox wore the first time I dressed up as Princess Leia in Endor battle gear.


When it comes to the value of a costume or how much I’m willing to spend it depends on how much time we can get out of the costume. Once the kids are older or have stopped growing I’ll be more willing to invest in something awesome. As for myself and ted? Well, I typically cosplay as Daenerys Targaryen so I have a handful of professionally made costumes I utilize. Convincing Ted to invest in a badass costume proved a little more difficult this year, but his costume did just fine at the Halloween party we attended the weekend before Halloween! He had someone vote for his costume and I’ll gladly take credit for the handiwork on this last-minute costume!

Speaking of nerdy Halloween events, during fall break the kids and I took a day to decorate Halloween cookies. We used some inexpensive cookie cutters we found at our local grocery store. I made the frosting for the cookies with the simple buttercream frosting recipe but you can find here. The kids created ghosts and pumpkins as well as skeleton heads. I decided to be overly ambitious and create a Pac-Man and ghost cookie set. They were pretty cool and also delicious.

Moving onto the more delicious aspects of our October, Ted and I are huge fans of good beer. We tried a couple of different types of pumpkin beer over this past month and I am proud to say that I have a favorite. Pumpking brought to you by Trader Joe’s.


This Trader Joe’s brewed pumpkin beer is great for those who like a little bit sweeter of a beer but not quite a cider. another personal favorite came from our engagement party at the end of September: Ballast Point White Wine Barrel-Aged Sour Wench. It was damn good and I love a good beer name.

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I made a slew of pumpkin bread this past month too and have a favorite recipe I’ll happily share here.


As October came to a close we dressed the kids in their costumes and stayed close to home for trick or treating this year. It was certainly a nice change to stay close to home this year as opposed to driving to a completely different neighborhood for trick-or-treating as we’ve done in years past. Before Ted and I moved in together and got married we both had been living in apartment complexes. This required us to take the kids out to other neighborhoods either close by or where our families lived to trick-or-treat. It’s really nice to stay close to home.


Where did you family go trick-or-treating? Share your Halloween traditions in the comments!

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