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Check out what some of my colleagues, students, and clients have said about my expertise and class.

Sarah is a smart, creative, driven, social media marketer. She understands strategy, community and how to engage an audience. She also works diligently to connect to her clients in order to solidly understand their point of view. Not afraid to try new things, she’s both courageous and energetic with a great creative eye. It has been my pleasure to work with Sarah; she’s passionate about her work and her product and consistently works to bring out the best in herself and her team.

Kate Nelson

Director of Clients Services , The Rainmaker Institute

Sarah was someone who first trained me when I first started at The Rainmaker Institute. I was so thankful I was learning from her as she was beyond friendly, knowledgeable and professional. It is so clear when you talk to her that she has a passion for social media and a vast knowledge of its ever changing aspects. She is constantly up to date with the latest trends in social media and Sarah is always determined to remain current by continuing to learn and be the best at what she does. Sarah has not managed me directly however, it is clear that her team loves, respects, and trusts her as their manager. She has been an awesome co-worker and a person that I can honestly say I would be comfortable and happy to work with again.

Hannah Ribotto

Marketing Specialist, The Rainmaker Institute

“I’ve taken several Instagram classes and Sarah’s class by far surpasses the competition. Sarah is super knowledgeable about Instagram and she’s an amazing teacher. She is clear, concise and helps walk you through the material step-by-step. Her suggestions are also very tailored to her students as she devotes time to look at each profile. This has helped me so much. I’ve implemented what she’s taught me and I can see the improvement in my page. I also know the areas I need to work on and I have a game plan in place. You can tell Sarah is serious about her marketing knowledge. Her overall marketing tips are spot on. Thank you Sarah! I look forward to continuing to grow my IG following with all that you’ve taught me.

I highly highly recommend Sarah’s services, you won’t be disappointed!”

Kellie Beach Sims

Founder & CEO, The Harmony Planner

Sarah’s teachings have been incredibly helpful in helping our brand grow on Instagram and an increase in fellowship. Our followers are genuine and truly interested in what we have to say. The class was informative, intensive, and the best education I’ve had on Instagram! 

Paul Vasey

Founder and Creator, Cash Crunch Games

Sarah was such a joy to work with. I’ve had a little experience with marketing before but not to the extent in which I needed help with. She helped me develop my entire brand aesthetic, set up email drip campaigns, create landing pages, and develop a brand messaging strategy that perfectly aligned with my experience and the goals I want to achieve. I highly recommend working with Sarah and learning from her!

Julie Myers

Founder, Blogger, Balance is Best

Sarah was such a joy to work with. I’ve had a little experience with marketing before but not to the extent in which I needed help with. She helped me develop my entire brand aesthetic, set up email drip campaigns, create landing pages, and develop a brand messaging strategy that perfectly aligned with my experience and the goals I want to achieve. I highly recommend working with Sarah and learning from her!

Teresa Brennaman

Founder, Fitness Trainer, Be a Lion

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Is This Class Right For Me?

…And Other Important Questions.

Q: How do I know if this is the right class for me? 
A: Investing in something big is scary. Knowing if this is the right class is an important question that can often qualm fears. So here’s how you know: You feel confident in the offerings you’re presented with and aren’t feeling tricked. Anyone who works really hard to convince you they’re an expert and uses the same solutions as others or doesn’t clearly answer your questions is probably not worth your time. With that said, ask me anything I’ll give you an honest answer.


Q: How do I know if I’m ready for something like this?
A: If you’re ready to take control over your Instagram and stop relying on others to give you the answer, then you’re ready.

Q: I have some skills when it comes to Instagram, I’ve been doing okay so far, do I really need this course? 
A: No one is an expert and that includes me too! It’s always good to get someone’s angle, expertise, and perspective. But if you’ve been doing “just okay” on Instagram, don’t you want to be better?


Q: I’m very intermediate with Instagram, will this course be helpful for me too?
A: Absolutely! I’ve designed this course to be helpful to those who are very beginners and those who are a little more advanced on the technical side. This course focuses on missing emotional and psychological elements.


Q: I don’t have a lot of time, how long do I have access to this course?
A: I get it! I’m a mom, business owner, friend, wife, etc. Time is limited these days and that’s why you’ll ALWAYS have access to this course.


Q: What makes you different than all the other courses? 
A: I’ve been where you are now. I didn’t get lucky because of my looks, or fame, or being some great writer. I have struggled just as much as you. I’ve poured ten years of experience into this class and am confident in the concepts I’ll be teaching you. I also don’t give you vague answers as to why something might not be working for you. If you’re ever lost or confused during the course we have a support group that can help and you can always schedule a quick chat with me!


Q: Do I get support, community or 1-on-1 access to you?

A: Yes! If you choose the pay in full option, your membership will include 365 days of access to the VIP Support Group on Facebook where you can ask any questions you have as you progress through the program.


Q: Are there any other costs besides the enrollment price of the course?
A: The only extra costs you will see are the costs of some of the tools I recommend, which all come with a free options or a trial period. If you purchase the Master level you will have two 30 minute calls you can use anytime from the moment of purchase until 12 months after purchase. If you purchased the Basic of Expert level you will need to pay for any one-on-one calls with me if you’re seeking help outside of the Facebook Group.


Q: When does this class begin and end?
A:  Class begins the moment you purchase the class and never ends.


Q: What happens if I purchase the class and don’t like it?
A:  I hope that doesn’t happen  but if it does I offer a full refund in 14-days, and a 25% partial refund 15 days after purchase and beyond.


Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
A:  At this time no payment plans are offered, but I do intend to establish payment plan options for our Master level very soon.

Q: Do I need to have a business to use this course?
A:  Nope! If you’re just a simple Instagram user and want to build influence this course is great for you, or if you’re a novice starting out in the digital world and want to learn more about Instagram to gain an edge, this class is great for you too! Often times I see market


Q: How long does this course take to complete?
A:  This course can be finished in as little as a week or spaced out over a few months. I’ve constructed this course to be completed over nine weeks so you have ample time to gain feedback, brainstorm your strategy, test things out, and more.


Q: How do I access the course content?
A:  This course is 100% online with all lessons taught via video. Once you have purchased the course you’ll be provided with a student login and password where you’ll be able to access the course. The workbook is printable and you can also use the workbook in Microsoft word or in Adobe PDF editor.

Q: I love this class! Can I earn affiliate income if I share with a friend?
A: Yes! We offer 10% of each purchase you refer. If you’re interested in our affiliate marketing program please email us at


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