Three Ways You Can Take Your Summer Outfit into Fall

There are tons of people out there in Arizona wanting the same weather I do and trying to dress for it. So I put together a quick and easy how-to on Arizona fall attire!

Global warming is a real issue. In the winter it’s incredibly cold. Like, colder than it actually should be. Last year in Arizona we had some Record temperature Lowe’s. This meant that I got to enjoy a lot more of my winter wardrobe than normal. When it comes to summer though, I feel like summer is just continuing to drag on.


I work at a store called ever eve, where I design Trendsend boxes. Trendsend boxes are essentially A better version of a stitch fix box. Often times we receive messages from women getting their boxes in the next month looking for wardrobe items that still allow them to feel like it’s fall but also adhere to the hundred-degree temperatures were still experiencing in Arizona. There are also a lot of women that come into the store and discuss how important it is for them to also still enjoy autumn and fall attire without sweating to death.


I am with you.


So, let’s talk about shorts.


With kids being in school again and us as women and moms being able to go to work or stay at home more, or run errands, we have the ability to still wear whatever you want. But when those pumpkin spice lattes hit Starbucks everyone wants to start wearing cardigans, fun sweaters, oranges and reds, and Burgundies without feeling like we have to wear denim and long sleeve shirts.



Here are a few of my favorite outfits that you can still wear in Autumn but with shorts.

  1. The shorts cardigan look

This is by far my favorite look! Not only is it chic but it’s comfortable and a really great transition outfit when the temperature rises in the afternoon! I’ve pulled together my favorite pair of denim shorts by Seven for All Mankind, a Lush coral tank, and a Peyton Jensen long cardigan with black and white stripes. 


Instead of simply wearing the tank, give it a front tuck to really enhance your curves and give you more shape.

The flannel shorts look 


Headed to the pumpkin patch at Schenpf Farms? This is the outfit for you! A simple orange flannel from Target tossed over the top of a lightweight cami gives you the effortless urban farm look you need to stay cute for all those pumpkin pics with kids and friends! I’m reutilizing my Seven for All Mankind shorts again because, to be honest, I paid $129. 


Before you call me crazy, I’ve had this pair of shorts for almost three years. Yes, they have lasted me this long and have stayed in perfect condition. You could do the same thing with a target pair of shorts but they don’t fit curvy women right and pill in between your thighs after a while. Quality beats quantity ladies and gents.

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The fashion top shorts look 


This is my casual AF date night outfit. My heels give me legs for days (I’m 5’4”), the shorts are being used again, and the Lovestitch Fashion top is the perfect fall color that I can wear again later in fall and winter. I am in love with the front tie on this shirt and the minimal bell sleeve, it gives this shirt more style than just being another floral print top! 


You don’t have to feel limited by your wardrobe if you’re experiencing higher than normal temperatures. These looks are essential for southwestern and California natives. You can follow me on Instagram to check out more of my hundred degree temperature inspired Autumn looks.

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