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Digital Media Consulting

As your consultant you an I will uncover the best digital strategies possible for your brand. From social media to digital events, I’m droid you’re looking for.

I’ve partnered with over a dozen digital brands to develop digital media strategies their teams can easily implement, track, and develop. My expertise lies in organic social media, affiliate marketing, content strategy, influencer campaign strategy, and developing all the behind-the-scenes work flows for online digital events. 

Paid Media Campaign Strategy

Ahh Facebook ads. They seem easy enough, right? Sort of. Boosting a post is one thing and yes, it’s easy to do, but it’s not a paid media strategy. So what’s the best paid media campaign for you? It varies between brands and goals. If you’re running traffic to brick and mortar stores and looking to hire new people, you have two different strategies that need to be developed. 

Not only does each marketing goal have its own special type of ad campaign, but it should have corresponding digital assets alongside it. These assets would be things like landing pages, ad creative, videos, engagement and crisis management, and so many other things!

Let me carry your ad campaign strategy for a while and teach you and your team how to do it right. 

Digital Product Management

From eCommerce to creating a digital product, I’m here to help facilitate the vision from inception to execution. Having worked with personal finance media brands on implementing new internal softwares to enhance reader and user experiences, I understand the importance of UX process, team communication, and ensuring the needs of stakeholders needs get met.   

Outside of digital product management, I’ve worked with ecommerce based brands like Statement Cards to develop a delivery system for cards to customers, developed the digital customer experience, and laid groundwork for internal print production. 

While ecommerce experiences and digital products are absolutely two different fields, both require the knowledge of knowing how to develop and implement a user experience that feels good and is easy to understand. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the #1 way to get in touch with your audience. Sure, social media is where your customer will see some of your content (MAYBE), but email is where you’ll truly be able to connect with them. Your customer is more likely to see information about your products, deals, specials, and, more importantly, get to know your story. 

Together we can develop nurture sequences, product remarketing, weekly brand stories, news update emails, and so much more. The possibilities in email marketing are endless.

TikTok Strategy

As the number one emerging social media platform, TiKToK offers brands a new way to engage and connect with their audiences. The difficulty with brands on TiKToK is understanding how to create a content plan that doesn’t add more work to their plate, entertains their audience, tells their brand story, and doesn’t come off as boring and tired. 

TiKToK is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for every type of business out there. Hit me up and let’s see if you and TikTok are the perfect jam. 

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Sarah has spoken for SXSW, Teenpreneur, Plutus Voices, local business groups, and to private groups near and far.

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